Although the Preservation Board voted to grant it Landmark Status, Rochester's Planning Commission did not agree. And with that Cataract will be demolished. Thank you to those who fought so hard to preserve this irreplaceable piece of Rochester history. This site will remain as a testament to your efforts.
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Save Cataract

Rochester, New York has a rich beer brewing history. Over 50 breweries have come and gone over the years. As well, countless local microbrews dot our landscape.

Most of the big breweries consolidated through the years and few relics remain. 13 Cataract Street represents one of the only remaining pre-prohibition era brewing facilities. It should be embraced as a centerpiece for future development; not demolished.

This page is maintained by a coalition of concerned citizens. We're not against the Brewery's planned visitor center. We welcome it. However, we believe a more responsible solution for parking can, and should be devised. 13 Cataract need not be lost forever.

Preservation is often difficult. But in many ways it's all we have to keep us grounded; as a society and as people. Future generations need to know what came before them; what it was that made this city great.

The articles and images listed below tell more about the history, and possible future, of 13 Cataract Street.

Please help save 13 Cataract by sharing this page, and send an email in support of what could become "Rochester's Brewery Square".

History / Photos

13 Cataract is not just a building.
It's part of the fabric of this city. It has witnessed first hand the dreams, struggles, failures and victories of our grandparents.
It stands as a beacon of what is to come, and as a reflection of ourselves...

  • Photos (click a thumbnail for larger view):

  • About the Architect, A.C. Wagner (historical documents):

  • Original drawing of 13 Cataract by A.C. Wagner
    [Thanks Rich Wagner!]
  • A.C. Wagner also design this American Brewing building on Hudson Avenue
    [Thanks Rich Wagner!]
  • Landmark Society's profile sheet on 13 Cataract
    [Landmark Society of Western NY]
  • A Brief History of Brewing in Rochester
    [Democrat & Chronicle, multimedia]
  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder
    [HeckerAndDecker, 12-02-2011]
  • Cataract Brewery Architect Died 77 Years Ago Today
    [, 01-10-2012]
  • A.C. Wagner and the New England Brewing Company (Hartford, CT):

    See Photos of New England Brewing Company on Flickr

  • A.C. Wagner and the Yale Brewing Company (New London, CT):

    See Photos of Yale Brewing Company on Flickr

  • A.C. Wagner and Esslinger Brewing (Philadelphia, PA):

    See Photos of Esslinger Brewing on Flickr

  • A.C. Wagner and Weisbrod and Hess Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA):

    See Photos of Esslinger Brewing on Flickr

News / Local Opinion

Since news of the Brewery's plans broke on November 11, 2011, new facts (and opinions) have been surfacing every day. We'll keep this list going so you can form your own conclusions...


See what's possible at 13 Cataract Street...


God Save Cataract!