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PRC Recommendations 11-7-2012, SP-09-12-13, 660 West Main Street
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SP-09-12-13, 660 West Main Street
November 7, 2012, 4:00PM
City Hall Room 223B
Committee Members in Attendance:
Dave Beinetti, urban design specialist (architect)
Doug Benson, Bureau of Planning and Zoning, Associate City Planner
Roger Brown, urban design specialist (architect)
Bret Garwood, Director of Development Services
Jim McIntosh, City Engineer
Joel Smith, Bureau of Planning and Zoning, Plan Reviewer
City Staff:
Marcia Barry, Director of Planning and Zoning
Jason Haremza, Senior Planner/Urban Design Specialist, PRC Secretary
Tim Raymond, Senior Architect, Site Plan Reviewer
Project Description:
Demolish two vacant structures: a two family home and a church. Construct a new 13,800 sf
single story retail structure. Vacant church is a Designated Building of Historic Value.
Zoning District: C-2 Community Center District
SEQR Action:
Site Plan Type:
Recommendations to the Director of Planning and Zoning:
1. The Designated Building of Historic Value (former church) should not be demolished. Despite some
changes in the design, the Committee does not believe the proposed structure adequately mitigates the
loss of the Designated Building of Historic Value.
2. Commercial development of this site is not the right solution, particularly with regard to the New York
Street frontage and new residential infill on the north side of New York Street.
3. The City should conduct a rezoning study before any long-term decision is made. An initial analysis
suggests that commercial uses in this area should be clustered at the Main/Jefferson intersection to the
east and the Main/Genesee/Brown intersection (Bulls Head) to the west.
4. The condition of other properties owned by this applicant should be considered in making a decision on
this proposal.